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The Pros and Cons of Investing in a REIT With a Self Directed IRA

A Self Directed IRA is a versatile tool to invest in a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust). With it the account holder will get tax-advantaged growth, the freedom to invest in any kind of REIT, and the ability to self-manage the account. Find out the pros and cons of investing in a REIT as a Self Directed IRA asset.

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Leaving a Self Directed IRA to a Minor

As a Self Directed IRA account holder gets older, their choice of beneficiaries can change. In this post we discuss if it is even possible to leave a Self Directed IRA to a minor? And, if so, what is the best way to do it?

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The 9 Most Conversational Facts About Retirement

At some point people get tired of the constant numbers and retirement planning. When that happens it’s time for a break and perhaps a lighter read. Accordingly we’d like to present you with some really interesting retirement facts. They may not help you invest better with a Self Directed IRA, but they can definitely provide conversational fodder for your next family get together.     Retirement Fact #1 – Et tu,…

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RMDs – Quick Facts to Keep Your Self Directed IRA Healthy

Failure to take RMDs can result in stiff penalties by the government. These 10 facts can help you stay on the right track to keep your Self Directed IRA healthy.

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How To Take a RMD From a Real Estate IRA

Taking a Required Minimum Distribution is easy from a cash-based retirement account, but how do you do that with physical property?

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How To File Taxes For a Real Estate IRA

Even though your investment is tax deferred, the IRS still requires certain documentation to be filled out every year.

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