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As the industry’s highest-rated self-directed administrator, Broad has transformed the IRA LLC process from a complicated, paperwork-heavy endeavor to one which is simple, productive, and rewards investors with freedom. We’ve accomplished this by embracing alternative asset expertise, incredible client support, and establishing great value-added partnerships.


The Power Of Expertise

Most self-directed administrators started as financial companies and then made the switch to alternative assets. Broad moved in the opposite direction. Its founders – Mervyn Klein and Daniel Gleich – were real estate entrepreneurs responsible for some of America’s biggest projects. They started Broad when they realized that, like themselves, retirement investors wanted options beyond Wall Street. Their experience in real estate enabled the creation of a self-directed process that is investor-first. They knew what it took for investors to be successful in alternatives and they optimized Broad’s processes to meet those expectations. At that point, the one thing the team still needed was an infusion of investment process savvy. Brian Finkelstein, a former CEO of Helix Financial Systems and a Managing Director at UBS, came aboard as the third partner and brought Broad Financial the market expertise to make incredible systems. Broad never looked back and has since experienced consistent growth. What this means for investors is the availability of a self-directed retirement platform that meets their every need.


The Power Of Client Support

Broad’s “investor first” philosophy has guided them every step of the way. From an unprecedented commitment to free lifetime support to expert live guidance on every call, Broad will deliver your IRA LLC in a timely and economic manner. Opening an account is simple. We take care of the entire LLC creation process and give you the tools you need to quickly open a checking account and start investing. Broad’s client focus has earned it the title of the industry’s highest-rated self-directed administrator. You can read live reviews of Broad here.


The Power Of Partnership

Broad Financial uses its sister company Madison Trust for self-directed custodianship. Too often, investors get lost by having to deal with two unrelated companies and trying to get them to productively communicate with each other. The integral connection of Broad and Madison allow for a streamlined investing experience. You won’t believe how easy – and enjoyable – the IRA LLC process can actually be.

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